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JEE Main : Guidelines for Computer Based Examination

JEE Main : Computer Based Examination instructions

General Guidelines

  1. The admit card must be scrutinized of all details, viz. name, paper, date of birth, gender, test center name, city, state code of eligibility and category. Any discrepancy must be communicated to the JEE (Main) Secretariat immediately for correction. Failure to do so might lead to the inability to take the exam as admit card details may not reflect those in the original ID.
  2. All candidates satisfying the eligibility conditions are issued provisional admit cards for JEE Main 2019.
  3. Two and a half hours is the recommended time prior to the exam which candidates must arrive at the exam venue. This is to ensure that frisking and other registration formalities are completed well in advance. The registration desk will close five minutes prior to the beginning of the examination.
  4. The admit card must be shown on demand for the candidate to be admitted into the examination hall. The Centre Superintendent will disallow a candidate who does not possess the admit card issued by the board to attempt the examination under any circumstance.
  5. Candidates who have claimed to belong to the PwD category must carry a copy of the PwD certificate issued by the competent authority in the prescribed format, with them.
  6. Under no circumstances will a candidate be allowed to enter the examination center after its commencement.
  7. Each candidate will be allocated a seat indicating their roll number. A candidate must occupy only their allotted seat. Any candidate found to have changed examination rooms, or their allotted seat without being asked to do so by a competent authority, will find their candidature canceled, and no plea with be entertained to revoke the cancellation.
  8. It is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure that the question paper displayed is in the language that (s)he adopted for during registration. In the event, it is in a different language, the nearest invigilator must be informed of the same.
  9. A candidate will be not allowed to carry baggage inside the examination hall. The JEE Apex Board will not be responsible, and neither can it be held responsible, for any belonging stolen or lost at the premise of the examination center.
  10. Candidates are not allowed to carry any study material, calculators, documents, pens, slide rules, log tables, watches, printed or written material, bits of papers, mobile phone, or any other electronic device into the examination hall. The only items allowed inside the examination hall are the printed admit card, identity proof, and associated documents. If any candidate is found with any of the prohibited items, his/her candidature will be considered as unfair means, with the current examination being canceled, and following that, being debarred from writing this examination in the future.
  11. Smoking and eating are prohibited in the examination room.
  12. Tea, coffee, cold drinks or snacks are not allowed to be taken into the examination room.
  13. The candidate is allowed to approach the Centre Superintendent or an Invigilator in the examination room or hall for any technical assistance, first aid emergency or any other clarification during the course of the examination. No additional time shall be provided under any circumstance to compensate for any time spent in these clarifications.
  14. The candidate is not allowed, under any circumstance, without the explicit permission of the Centre Superintendent to exit the examination hall prior to the ending of the examination. Candidates must follow the instructions strictly as instructed by the Centre Superintendent/Invigilators.
  15. For any queries or issues regarding computer-based examination, the candidates may contact on toll-free Call Centre No. which will be available on JEE (Main) website later on.

Specific guidelines for Computer Based Examinations

The Computer Based Examination will be conducted as per the following schedule.
  1. JEE Main 2019 will start exactly at the time mentioned in the admit card, and an announcement will be made by the invigilator to this effect. Since the time remaining is displayed on the computer screen, no further announcement will be made by the invigilator, and the computer will get locked when the duration of the test is over.
  2. The test will be of 3 hours’ duration.
  3. The test paper will be consisting of questions of Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics with all the questions having equal weightage.
  4. There will be three parts in the question paper consisting of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics having equal weightage (that is, 30 questions, totaling 120 marks per section).
  5. Each question is allotted four marks for the correct response. One mark will be deducted for indicating the incorrect response of each question. No deduction from the total score will be made if no response is indicated for a question.
  6. There is only one correct response for each question out of four responses given. If there are multiple correct answers, a press release of information will be made at an appropriate time. There is a possibility to mark only one correct answer for the examination, hence you needn’t worry about marking multiple options.
  7. Any pens required will be supplied to the candidates in the examination hall. Candidates should not bring any type of pen or ball pens with them.
  8. All calculations and rough work can only be done with the rough sheet provided at the examination hall. This rough sheet will have to be returned to the invigilator after the exam ends.
  9. During the examination time, the invigilator will check Admit Card of the candidate to satisfy himself/herself about the identity of each candidate.
  10. The candidates are governed by all rules and regulations of the board with regard to their conduct in the Examination Hall. All cases of unfair means will be dealt with as per the rules.
  11. The candidates must sign on the attendance sheet at the appropriate place.
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