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GATE Examination Dates

If you are planning to apply for GATE 2020, you should have known that the application process begins on the September. Also, the dates of examination are Feb. Additionally, it has been announced that the results of the test will be out on the  March. Now, you might have kept everything ready to apply for the test. You should also start your preparation right away as there are less time left for the preparation. Here are some useful tips to help you ace the test:

Follow the C4 technique for your success:

Here, the C4 techniques include understanding the concepts, confidence, command and the final one is creating shortcuts. Here are the four techniques explained:
C1 – Understand concepts: Until you are satisfied with your perfection, you should understand the concepts by asking questions like what, how and why.
C2 – Confidence: The second mantra is to recall the concepts several times to boost your confidence in getting the right answers for any questions under the concept.
GATE 2020– Useful Tips to Ace the Test

C3 – Command: To get better command over the concept, it is important that you should practice solving many questions from varied sources. In this process, you should also ask yourself or your tutor as to why the solution should be arrived in this manner and not in the other way.
C4 – Create shortcuts: Remember that shortcuts will help you to a great extent particularly during revision. Create your own shortcuts for solving problems and it will also help you save a lot of time.

Get help from the appropriate books:

The next thing you will have to do is to collect the right books that will help you in the best preparation. You can include books for basic and fundamental concepts and also books that will help you specialize in specific chapters. The books should be of a standard that you can easily understand as it will help with improving your learning and understanding to a great extent.

Do not try to cover the entire syllabus:

You might be surprised to learn this point. But, most people, who have succeeded in their GATE has not covered the entire syllabus. But, whatever chapters they focused, they did it with complete dedication and practice. Perfecting in some concepts is important as against not getting a complete understanding of even a single concept. This is an important technique you should follow when preparing for GATE 2020.

Start revision one month before the examination:

Remember that you should complete all your preparations a month before the examination. You should leave a month of time for revision of whatever you have learned so far. When you do this, you will have complete confidence and peace of mind the day before the examination. Also, you should feel relaxed and calm on the day before the examination, which is highly important to ace the test.

At the time of examination:

When you are in the examination hall, you should keep in mind the time management aspect. But, time management should not happen in a hurry at the cost of getting incorrect answers as there is negative marking for wrong answers.
In addition, at the time of examination, just focus on easy questions first and when you are confident that you have answered the easy questions, you will gain the confidence to move on to the tough ones.
Also, you should read the questions carefully and evaluate your logic before you choose any answer to any question.
Remember that negative mark can greatly affect the score you get from your correct answers. So, if you have a doubt about the correctness of an answer just do not attempt the question.
As a final thought, it is better to have a flexible plan and a balanced mind before starting to your examination. It will help you to a great extent in avoiding silly mistakes.

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